Musique               Danse                                

Hungover                                       Hungover

The Rose                                      The rose

Another Country                           Another country

save the last dance for me           Last dance for me

Clear Isabel                                  Clear Isabel

Home to Louisiana                         Hometo Louisiana                                           

Land of dream                                An absolute dream

Wagon wheel                  Little Wagon wheel/ Wagon wheel rock

All shook up                                    All shook up

Cabo San Lucas                            Cabo San Lucas

Found                                             Chuck & cowboy

It happens                        Rhyme or reason/ Sugar kane

Need you now                                 Quarter after one

Luckyin love                                     Baby stroll

Seminole wind                                 Seminole wind

Country Road                                  Country road

Bad case in loving you                    Doctor Doctor

Strawberry wine                               Texas Waltz

Mexican wind                                  Mexican wind (partner)

Somebody like you                          Somebody like you

God bless Texas                              Little Texas

Mary Mary                                        Mary Mary

Sweet home Alabama        sweet home Alabama/ All night long

Jambalaya                                       Jambalaya

Folsom prison Blues

Stand by your man

Honky tonk woman                           Honky tonk woman

All I want for christmas                     All I want


Rose Alleyson          Danse



I feel


Forget me

Like he is

Lily Jane

Life is cool

Take me home                                              Redneck Rose

For the world

Margarita Girl

Stars on the flag

Thank you


If you don't say it

I don't want water

Lilly Rose                                             Lilly Rose line/ Lilly Rose partner

No bed of roses                                    bed of roses/ No bed of roses

I stop here                                             I stop here

Highway story                                       Smooth operator

Where are my jeans                             Where are my jeans

My country                                            Edith Waltz

Danse et roule                                      Danse et roule/ Danse et roule

Dixie                                                      Dixie

What women do                                   What women do

Yeehaaw                                               Yeehaaw        

Under your shirt                                    Under your shirt          

Take pleasure

A call                                                    A call (en contra et en cercle)